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May 29, 2013

The Beeronaut Annex: Jim Beam Blackhawks Cocktails

I'm starting a new category in my Beeronaut posts called the Annex. Here you'll find some stories and press releases that don't quite fit my beer-centric or local view, but that you may be interested in.
With the Blackhawks going for the do-or-die against the Red Wings tonight, I have an email from the Jim Beam folks suggesting some cocktails. Hey, I'm all for the distilled spirits. Just keep a good beer chaser on hand. Click the title to read on!

Jim Beam Playoff Punch
*Created by Beam’s Master Mixologist Bobby “G.” Gleason
·         2 part Red Stag by Jim Beam® Black Cherry
·         1 part Strawberry Liqueur
·         1 part Passion Fruit Juice
·         Champagne
Preparation: Garnish with a strawberry or lemon twist on the rim.

The Stanley Cup Hawk

*Created by Beam’s Master Mixologist Bobby “G.” Gleason
·         2 parts Jim Beam® Devil’s Cut™
·         1 part DeKuyper Liqueur O3 Premium Orange™
·         Fill with Fresh Orange Juice
·         Splash of grenadine
Preparation: Garnish with an orange slice and or a cherry.

The Hawks Margarita

·         1 ½ parts Red Stag by Jim Beam® Black Cherry
·         ½ part triple sec
·         4 parts margarita mix
Preparation: Wet the rim of the glass, and coat in margarita salt. Combine ingredients in mixing tin and shake vigorously. Pour over ice in glass, and garnish with a lime wedge.

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