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Feb 23, 2009

Miller Genuine Draft "MGD 64"

So my local grocery has its own "Build-a-sixpack" rack for $5.99, but it's always filled with megabrews, alcopops and discontinued Zima. I finally built a pack so I would only have to buy ONE bottle of MDG Lite 64.*

I finally understand the appeal of this beer: Its a Homeopathic version of a beer. Apparently Miller just took a regular beer and diluted it with soda water, then diluted again, diluted again, until there's just the barest minimal taste of beer. The drinker's body is fooled into thinking it's just had a beer, the same way homeopathic medicines "work."

Can anybody say I'm wrong?

*Someone had broken up a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a much superior brew; so I got two bottles of those for under a buck each, along with four megabrews that I will try once, then probably never again.