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May 10, 2010


Among the flora in our recently purchased house's lot, we have found mulberry trees, only one of which bore fruit last year, and spearmint. Now we find we have a good-sized crop of rhubarb. Well, none of us really cares for rhubarb, but when times are tight, it's foolish to ignore the bounty in one's back yard. I've already made a mead with last year's mulberries that still needs to be bottled. I've tried the spearmint in a mint julep, but appearntly rather than just mashing the leaves in a glass of whiskey, I needed to boil them into a simple syrup.

So now I'm looking at things to do with rhubarb. There are the old pies and jellies, but if no one else will like it, I'm left with brewing something using rhubarb. I've seen some beer recipes that use only a few stalks per five gallons for a wheat-fruit ale or a Berliner weisse (sour beer). But if I'm to use more of what Nature has given to me, I need to check out some Mead or Rhubarb wines:

Rhubarb mead recipe

Though I've also found something for Rhubarb Margaritas that could be a good thing in the summer, too! I'll let all know how it shakes down!

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